2015 - What a blast!

December 22, 2015



With the year slowly drawing to a close, its time for a little reflection...

2015 has been a big year for us here at Creative Vision & Audio. We have been involved with over 1500 events this year, and even managed to be nominated and shortlisted in the International AV Awards, as Service Team of the Year. 


But what about you? What are you up to this silly season?


Just in case you are planning your next event, here are ten tips from the team here at CVA:

  1. Budget – work it out early, and stick to it!

  2. Theme – choose a colour scheme or vibe for the event.

  3. Venue – Choose one suitable for your amount of guests. We recommend one “just big enough”. If you have your venue filled with people you are going to create an instant vibe, as opposed to empty and lacking in vibe at all.

  4. Food – never skimp on this part, it is what people will remember! But don’t stress if you can’t afford catering, its just an excuse to have a some friends around for a bake-off! Here you will find a sweet treat receipe we found online that is sure to wow your guests.

  5. Entertainment – live music is always best, but if you can’t afford it then its time to invest in an app on your smartphone, it’s called Spotify and will instantly give you access to hundreds of playlists to suit any atmosphere. Don’t forget the quality of speakers will make an impact on your audience too!

  6. Vision  - create a visual element. Remember, when it comes to themes, lighting is your best friend!

  7. Buzz – create some. Offer a good selection of drinks. Perhaps offer one special cocktail for the event, but watch out for that stereotypical boozy uncle! We found these great festive non-alcoholic options for drinks online, find the link here.

  8. Guests - Get bums on seats! Remember, you can plan the party of the century, but if no one is there to enjoy it… what’s the point? We recommend around 40% of your energy should be on planning while 60% should be spent on promotion.

  9. Outsource - Time is money! There are lots of stresses about at this time of year, so where your budget allows, find a supplier to take some of the stress off your shoulders. Just remember to choose a supplier you can trust, and you will be sleeping like a baby.

  10. Enjoy – Remember that events are meant to be enjoyable, even for the organizer! So take a breath. Take it all in. Sip champagne and smile; you’ve just brought people together. Props to you.

And don’t forget, if you are ever in a pickle… we are here to help. Just give us a call and talk it out, we won’t bite! 03 9314 0292


From all the staff here at Creative Vision & Audio, have a wonderful Christmas, New Years and beyond. 

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