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Quick User Instruction Guide

MEDIA PLAYER (external)

* Wintal Micro2 Evo Media Player

Wintal Micro Evo media player
Wintal media player remote
  • On the back of the TV screen you will find the external media player and the remote control

  • Make sure the TV is ON and in the correct HDMI input for the media player

  • Turn On the media player using the remote control. The media player menu will appear on the screen.

(*remember to point the remote directly at the media player behind the TV)

  • Insert the USB drive (with the media files) into the media player and on the menu select "Movie" if playing video files (or select "Photo" if playing photos) - as per picture below.

Wintal media player menu
  • Select "USB Device"

Wintal media player usb
  • All the files on the USB drive will appear on the list (as per picture below)

  • Select a video file then press Play or ENTER to play the video file

Wintal media player files

NOTE: (1) Ensure all the files on the USB drive are media files. No hidden files or any other non-media files otherwise the repeat/loop play function won’t work.

 (2) If the USB drive is not appearing or recognised , more likely you'll need to reformat the USB drive to a FAT or FAT32 file system.


  • While the video is playing in full screen, press the "OSD" button on the media player remote control

  • Top menu will appear. Select "mode" and the repeat/loop function will appear with several options available - Repeat One, Repeat All and Random.

Wintal media player remote
Wintal media player  video screenshot
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